Time-Sensitive Opportunity: Apply Now for Morristown’s Affordable Home Rehab Program

Time-Sensitive Opportunity: Apply Now for Morristown's Affordable Home Rehab Program

Morristown in New Jersey is excited to announce the launch of its new affordable Home Improvement Program (HIP), aimed at providing assistance to eligible low- and moderate-income households residing in primary residency houses. Through this program, qualified homeowners can receive funding of up to $24,000, as needed, for essential home repairs. What’s even more remarkable is that these funds are provided as a zero percent 10-year forgivable loan, making it an incredibly favorable option for residents in need.

The funding for this program comes from municipal housing trust funds, and it operates on a first-come, first-served basis until all the allocated funds are expended. Therefore, interested individuals are encouraged to apply promptly to secure their spot in the program.

The loans obtained through HIP can be utilized for a variety of repairs or replacements, including major systems such as the roof, electrical safety upgrades, heating, plumbing, foundation, and windows. All repairs must comply with the N.J. Rehabilitation Subcode N.J.A.C. 5:23-6 to ensure compliance with safety and quality standards.

To administer the program for the Town of Morristown, a contract has been established with CGP&H, a private consulting firm specializing in publicly funded affordable housing programs. The dedicated team of housing specialists and professional inspectors from CGP&H will work closely with program participants, identifying necessary repairs required to enhance the safety of their homes. From the initial assessment to the completion of home improvements, inspectors will collaborate with contractors, ensuring that all repairs are conducted properly and meet the required standards.

One of the most enticing aspects of this program is that all loans are fully forgiven if the homeowner maintains title and occupancy for a 10-year period. During this period, no interest is charged, and no monthly payments are required, offering homeowners substantial financial relief.

Both homeowners and renters are eligible to receive funding for rehabilitation, provided that the occupants of the dwelling meet the court-approved income limits. For the most up-to-date income limits, interested individuals can visit the designated website for further details.

Morristown’s Mayor Tim Dougherty expressed his enthusiasm for the program, stating, “This is a wonderful opportunity for the residents of Morristown to make improvements to their properties, which will add value and make them safer. I urge anyone who qualifies to take advantage of this generous and forgivable loan.”

For additional information and to submit a preliminary application, individuals can visit the designated website. The program materials are also available in Spanish, ensuring accessibility for a broader range of participants.

It is important to note that applications for the program are free of charge and will not impact one’s credit score. To provide further clarity and insight into the program, a ZOOM session will be conducted on Thursday, June 15, 2023, at 7 pm. Interested individuals can pre-register by sending email to [email protected].

Morristown’s affordable Home Improvement Program (HIP) presents a remarkable opportunity for residents to enhance the value, safety, and quality of their homes. By providing financial assistance with forgivable loans, the program empowers homeowners to make necessary repairs and improvements without the burden of monthly payments. It is a testament to Morristown’s commitment to supporting its community and ensuring that all residents have access to safe and comfortable housing.

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