Transform Your Home with Mango Power’s New 12 kW / 15 kWh Battery

Transform Your Home with Mango Power's New 12 kW / 15 kWh Battery

Mango Power has unveiled its cutting-edge Mango Power M home battery solution, now open for U.S. installers, marking a significant addition to the lithium-ferro-phosphate (LFP) battery market. The arrival of this innovative battery option presents rooftop solar owners with an exciting alternative that goes beyond the traditional energy storage systems.

Starting at a 15 kWh capacity, the LFP battery can be efficiently scaled up to a staggering 80 kWh on a single 12 kW hybrid inverter. This built-in hybrid inverter is crafted to deliver 12 kW of continuous power, facilitating consistent and reliable energy to power the entire home. Furthermore, Mango Power M’s scalability allows it to be stacked up to an impressive 120 kW, opening doors for its application in commercial energy storage solutions as well, thereby broadening its appeal and utility.

Mango Power has teamed up with Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL), a renowned LFP battery provider that maintains strong partnerships with top automotive giants such as Ford, Tesla, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. This collaboration signifies a blend of proven expertise and pioneering technology.

To further strengthen consumer trust, Mango Power offers a robust 10-year warranty for both the battery and the hybrid inverter. This warranty is designed to assure users that the battery capacity will remain at 70% or more throughout the 10-year term, providing long-term reliability and satisfaction.

The Mango Power M battery has been engineered for highly flexible electricity usage. It can efficiently store energy either from the grid or rooftop solar panels, thereby offering an adaptable solution for various energy needs. From powering homes during unexpected blackouts to selling electricity to the grid during peak demand periods, or using stored electricity to save on costs during peak retail electricity pricing hours, this battery system opens up a world of possibilities.

What sets Mango Power apart is the streamlined installation process. The company has boasted that its batteries can be installed in a mere four hours, in stark contrast to competitor systems that might require up to 25 laborious hours. Whether it’s a first-time installation or a retrofit to an existing home energy system, Mango Power M promises compatibility and efficiency.

Furthermore, the battery and inverter have been designed to integrate seamlessly with Mango Power’s 9.6 kW electric vehicle (EV) charging port. This feature allows EV owners to charge their vehicles using stored power, even during a grid blackout, ensuring uninterrupted mobility.

The introduction of the Mango Power M home battery solution marks a progressive step in energy storage technology, offering a blend of innovation, flexibility, and efficiency that caters to both residential and commercial energy needs. With its distinctive features and remarkable ease of installation, it positions itself as a valuable asset in the ongoing movement towards sustainable and resilient energy solutions.

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