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Homeowners in Waupaca, the county seat of Waupaca County, Wisconsin will be able to use grants to fix up their homes. The city is developing a program that will provide up to $10,000.00 to properties built before 1970, which includes 48% of the city’s total number. These Waupaca ARPA funds are provided through the American Rescue Plan as part of the federal $130 billion spending package. This program has a budget of $600,000.00 for home repair grant allocations.

“How many cities or how many townships are talking about utilizing it in this way? If you’re a resident, this is a real benefit that you can put capital back into your home. That doesn’t exist everywhere. That’s a reason we believe that people will find our city as an attractive area to be,” said Aaron Jensen, city administrator.

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Eligible home improvements that can be covered by these funds include painting, landscaping, fixing windows, gutters, and garage doors, fence repair, roof replacement, front porch and stairway work, siding replacement, foundation work, fixing driveways, and excavation and drainage corrections to properly level the grade around the house foundation, as well as detached garages. These projects can be done either by the homeowner or by local contractors. 

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According to their official site, the program has three goals: provide capital to homeowners negatively impacted by COVID-19 for the purposes of fixing up their homes. Help people unable to do repairs as the result of closures, layoffs, or other hardships as a result of the pandemic; and provide a program that attracts people to live in the city of Waupaca.

Who Is Eligible for the Waupaca ARPA funds

To be eligible, applicants must also meet certain qualifications. They must be owner-occupants of the property, and it must be located within city limits. Applicants must sign a statement saying they were negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic that made home repair projects unfeasible. Full grant will be given to low-income homeowners, whilst the rest will be matched with 50% of the amount they provide themselves. Households with an income that is equal to or less than 80% of the county median income levels will not have a match requirement.

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Even though the program is still not available, Mayor Brian Smith first introduced it on Jan. 4. council meeting, and then put up for potential approval in February.

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