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Who is Eligible for a Government Home Improvement Grant In North Carolina?

North Carolina Home Grants

Accessing home improvement grant programs can be competitive, but homeowners should not be discouraged. Numerous grant programs exist, and diligent research is essential to identify the ones […]

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Application Period Begins for Grants Supporting Blizzard-Damaged Homes, Businesses, and Farms

New York Grants

Owners of properties that suffered significant damage during the Christmastime blizzard in western and northern New York can now access federal funds. Congresswoman Claudia L. Tenney, representing […]

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Accessing the California Dream: Determining Eligibility for Down Payment Assistance

California Homeowner Assistance Fund

The United States of America is facing challenging economic times due to the ongoing global pandemic. With concerns of a potential home-ownership crisis looming, the state of […]

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Scranton Opens the Door for Federal Block Grant Submissions

Scraton Home Grants

The city of Scranton is set to accept applications for federal block grants, amounting to a total of $3.65 million, for the year 2023. Starting Monday, interested […]

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