Struggling Florida Homeowners Can Still Apply for Relief


Eligible low-income families impacted by the Covid-19 pandemics can still apply for financial assistance through the Florida Homeowners Assistance Fund program. These funds can be used to cover expenses such as a mortgage, insurance, utilities, property taxes, and other housing-related expenses. The Homeowner Aid Fund (HAF) was formed by Section 3206 of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, and the United States Department of the Treasury gave $676,102,379.00 in financial assistance to Florida. 

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The Department of Economic Opportunity recently announced that it has awarded an additional $10 million to households in need, bringing the total amount awarded to $30 million. Other housing and community renewal programs in Florida are managed by DEO. A homeowner’s maximum award is $50,000.0 million.

In order to be eligible for help, the homeowner and the property must meet specific eligibility standards. Applicants whose annual household income is less than or equal to 100 percent of the region median income are given priority. If the applicant is a Socially Disadvantaged Individual (SDI) or lives in a rural county or city in Florida that is economically distressed.

Depending on the sort of assistance you seek, you may be required to submit one or more of the following documents: a mortgage statement, a property tax statement, a property insurance statement, a utility statement, an internet statement, or a statement for homeowner or condominium association costs. Start by registering on the Florida Homeowners Assistance Fund program’s official site and follow the further instructions. Call the Customer Assistance Center at 833-987-8997 or email [email protected] to request assistance.

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