Can You Really Get a Grant for Debt?

Private foundations, states, charities and the federal government give away billions of dollars in free grants. The funds can pay for housing, rent, utilities, a new car, medical supplies or even transportation costs. The free grants can go to help low income families, individuals seeking to start a business or pay for job programs, the disabled, and other struggling families.

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Sadly, most people do not know that these free grants exist and they often go unused. Learn more below, or another good place about them is a local agency in your state or county, and find a listing of state as well as local assistance and grant programs. There is a separate application process for each one of them. In terms of paying off credit card debts, those grants do not exist.

Why does the government and private industry give grants?
Every year the federal government provides billions of dollars to various agencies to give grants to US citizens. There may also be help given to newcomers as well, including refugees as well as immigrants. The goal is to help a recipient pay their bills and other needs. Whether it is an outstanding utility bill, a grant to pay for holiday travel, or for housing such as rent or a mortgage payment to stop homelessness, the organizations want to help.

Most people never even apply for a free grant as they think it isn’t for them, they do not know who to contact, or they think there is too much red tape. However, the truth is that people from all over the country, from all walks of life, receive free grant money and other benefits from the government, and so should you. Most are for low income or struggling households.

Grants for free gasoline and cars
There is a program offered by Free Gas USA Inc. that can provide low income families, the elderly, or disabled with anywhere from $50-$1200 in free gas. Other organizations provide low income consumers with free cars, matching grants, or low interest loans for automobiles. Find a listing of charitable gas and car programs.

State assistance and grant programs
Many states will provide assistance that can be used to help pay bills and debts. While they may not be called grants, the fact is you can still get help. Almost all of these are targeted at low to moderate income families. Find more on state assistance programs or state grants.

Find grants and help with bills from charities
There are organizations and charities, such as Operation Round Up, that can help you with paying bills. That particular grant program covers energy costs. But there are literally hundreds of other charities offer grants for paying bills. Find some of these organizations from charities.

Personal grants
You can get grant money to buy a new home, buy a new or used car, repair an existing home, help pay bills and debt, travel the world, and much more. Many of these are unclaimed. There are also many other financial aid and grant programs that have been created just for the disabled, seniors, the mentally ill, veterans, and lower-income earners.

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Tens of Thousands of Dollars In Personal Grants

  • Mortgage Payments
  • Home Purchase
  • Home Repair and Improvements.
  • Help Pay Rent
  • School Supplies
  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Heating and Utility Bills
  • Childcare Expenses
  • New Car & Fuel
  • Groceries. Find grants for food assistance.
  • Clothing
  • Housing Assistance
  • Free computers – laptops and desktops.
  • Consumer and Credit Card Bills and Debt
  • Legal Services
  • Free Christmas Money and Gifts
  • Public Transportation
  • General Living Expenses
  • Lesson Payments
  • Tutoring
  • Minority and African American Grants

If you do not want to/do not have time to read all of this and you prefer to talk to someone about how to tap into your homeownership in order to get cash, click here and talk to one of our sponsors.

Disability benefits
The Social Security Administration is the main government organization that provides grants and financial assistance to the disabled. With studies showing that about one fifth of the population will file for some type of disability compensation at some time in their lives, the program serves as a safety net for the workers of this country. Assistance provided can include Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), grants for medical care, veterans compensation, SSI or Supplemental Security Income, and other aid. More on disability financial assistance programs.

Get Social Security Disability income information.

There are several other grant programs available from the federal government for a wide variety of needs. These are in addition to what SSA provides above. The financial support can help a lower income client with a physical or mental disability make it through an emergency and it also provide for long term stability. Find disability grants.

Energy bill grants
Most utility and electric providers offer some forms of emergency financial assistance as well as crisis grants to their customers. They help keep the heat as well as electricity on. In many case a local non-profit agency or charity may run the grant program for the energy company.

The grants are offered by either non-profits, state agencies or the utility companies themselves. Low to moderate income customers have different programs to apply for. Get a listing of state energy programs.

Housing, food, mortgage and rent programs
There are grants available from both the federal government as well as local charities that focus on housing needs. Some of them will offer assistance with paying rent while others will address additional costs. This may include a grant to pay for household items, counseling, and other needs. Find some resources that show families how to locate housing assistance.

Each year the federal government disburses grants to local charities and non-profits as part of the EFSP – Emergency Food and Shelter Program. While the scope of the program is limited and not all communities participate, when it is available grants can be used to pay for a variety of basic needs. This can include a rent or mortgage payment, security deposits, moving costs, or food supplies. Read more Emergency Food and Shelter grant program.

Union member grants
Many unions offer addition grants for members that can help them pay their mortgage, rent, and other everyday bills. If a job has been outsourced, or if the members are on strike, these grants help pay the bills during that timeframe. The program is known as Union Plus mortgage assistance.

Business grants
If you are thinking about going into business for yourself, or if you want to expand your existing business, you need to check out the governments biggest ‘money-stop’ (grant programs). There are numerous private and public organizations that help entrepreneurs. They offer free money to expand or start a business, and the grants are ready to be giving to you by the federal government to help start a business. The funds pay your bills and debts during this period.

With a slowing economy that remains unpredictable, and with the nations overall need for even greater economic development in all states, the federal government is very willing to give you the funds you need to help own your own business.

If you are considering of expanding or starting a business, a business grant is the grant for you. In fact, companies like Intel, Nike, Amazon, FedEx, Compaq, and Apple all received grants and financial assistance when they were young. So while these are more challenging to get, they do exist.

The U.S. government absolutely understands that small business is essential to a healthy, vibrant economy. As a result, there are many grants available and also low interest loan programs that are available to help stimulate small business. This can be critical funding during a challenging period, the the money will help pay business related bills. As a result of the stimulus plan, the government even created a new interest free loan program. More.

Receive Hundreds of Thousands In Business Grants

  • Startup Expenses
  • Expansion expenses
  • Salaries
  • Business expenses
  • Overhead costs
  • Acquisition expenses
  • Loan and Equipment financing
  • Rent Payments
  • Employee training
  • Free business consultation

Military Service member grants
The military offers a Military Homeowner Assistance program that will help service members and their families with paying for housing. The program will help prevent a foreclosure, assist service members with homes in which the mortgage amount due is greater than the value of the home, provide them with moving assistance, and other housing aid. Continue reading about the Military Homeowner Assistance program.

Veterans and their families may also be eligible for rent assistance, security deposit aid, and eviction prevention services. Most of these use grants from a government agency known as HUD. The resource is commonly called the Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Program rent assistance program. It provides cash grants, job placement, and other assistance to those who served our country.

If you do not want to/do not have time to read all of this and you prefer to talk to someone about how to tap into your homeownership in order to get cash, click here and talk to one of our sponsors.

The military also offers several educational grants and professional certification grants for spouses of military members. They recognize that constant redeployment of military families can make it challenging to improve job skills, so this grant program was created to help. Read more military spouse opportunities.

Education grants
Both the federal and state governments want a more educated and technology oriented country. We will help connect you to the best sources for free scholarships, grants, and also low interest, no interest, and guaranteed loans. In addition to education grants, learn how to get help with student loans.

Receive Education Grants for:

  • Undergraduate School
  • Graduate School
  • Secondary School
  • Nursery School
  • Primary School
  • Preschool School
  • Medical School
  • Military Spouses
  • Child Care
  • Environmental Science
  • Business Management
  • Computer Science
  • College Scholarship programs
  • Many other disciplines
  • There are many other employment oriented resources.

Health care grants
The government also helps those Americans who are in need of health care or assistance with medications as well as paying for medical bills. The grants can help a patient pay down their debts to avoid a bankruptcy. Find information on how to both improve access to care and to get help with paying your medical bills. In additional to grants, there are other ways to get help with medical bills.

You Can Receive Health Care Grants for:

  • Nursing homes
  • Prescription medicine
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Sleep disorders
  • Stroke
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Mental and emotional disorders
  • Learning disabilities
  • Dental care
  • Eyeglasses
  • Free grants to pay medical bills
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Mike Samms
Mike Samms
2 years ago

This would be great if I could get a grant for my mortgage. Make things a whole lot easier me being on SSDI.

barbara Baldwin
barbara Baldwin
2 years ago

I need information on grants for homeowners

Doreen Gorostieta
Doreen Gorostieta
2 years ago

I would like to know how I can get help

Doreen Gorostieta
Doreen Gorostieta
2 years ago

How can I get help with home repairs

Doreen Gorostieta
Doreen Gorostieta
2 years ago

I have all kinds of cracks in my walls that need help repairing windows my front porches caving in and I can’t afford to be able to purchase to get things fixed and I’m looking to see how I can go about getting a grant to help me

Doreen Gorostieta
Doreen Gorostieta
Reply to  Doreen Gorostieta
2 years ago

I am renting to own

Doreen Gorostieta
Doreen Gorostieta
2 years ago

Hello I am looking for help my front porch is caving in I need porch windows

Doreen Gorostieta
Doreen Gorostieta
Reply to  Doreen Gorostieta
2 years ago

I am renting to own the house I should have it paid off this year

Robert Moody
Robert Moody
2 years ago

I am looking for a (FREE) grant to improve my house and exterior. Remodeling 808-734-8769 Robert Moody

Jim Clark
Jim Clark
2 years ago

What’s the process?

Eric Nixon
Eric Nixon
2 years ago

Buried in medical debt

patricia m bahl
2 years ago

I need a grant for hurricane shutters, or new windows, my house is over 20 years old, probably need other things too.

Wayne Fester
Wayne Fester
2 years ago

I am a Combat Disabled Viet Nam veteran, I served during Tet Offensive, in 1968. I would like more information on a home grant for home improvements.

Donald West
2 years ago

Sounds to good to be true.,I am going to check it out.