Emergency Repair Program for Homeowners in Broken Arrow

Oklahoma Home Repair Assistance

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma homeowners facing expensive repairs that could force them out of their homes can turn to City Hall for help. The city’s Homeowner Emergency Repair Assistance Program is designed to aid low to middle-income homeowners who are experiencing urgent issues with their homes.

One such homeowner, Tim Siegel, a longtime Broken Arrow resident, faced a burst water main last October. He spent weeks digging for the broken pipe but couldn’t find it. As an amputee with a traumatic brain injury, he couldn’t afford to hire a plumber and had to move out of his home to stay with family in Tulsa. Then, he heard about the city’s Homeowner Emergency Repair Assistance Program and immediately applied online.

The program, funded by a $70,000 HUD community development block grant, helps homeowners who are experiencing immediate threats to their health and safety. Eligible repairs include issues with the electrical system, plumbing system, hot water tank, furnace, heating/air systems, gas line, and structural components such as the roof, windows, and doors. Homeowners must also meet HUD income guidelines to qualify.

Grant Rissler, the Licensing, Permitting, and Sustainability Manager for the City of Broken Arrow, oversees the pilot program and its 50+ applications. He has contractors and inspectors on hand to take a look at issues and provide necessary repairs. The program has helped homeowners with a variety of projects, including repairs to water lines, sewer lines, and ducts.

Siegel, who received assistance from the program for his water line, says he was thrilled to have running water again and to return to his home. He also expressed gratitude that the plumbers hired by the city were able to save the tree he planted 20 years ago when his son was born.

To find out more about the Broken Arrow Homeowner Emergency Repair Assistance Program, visit City Hall at 220 S. 1st St. in Broken Arrow, call 918-259-2400 ext. 5337, or go online to www.brokenarrowok.gov/homerepair. Homeowners in need of emergency repairs can take advantage of this valuable resource to help them stay in their homes and keep them safe.

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