Fort Wayne Initiative Aims to Improve Home Exteriors and Boost Curb Appeal

Fort Wayne Indiana Home Improvement Grants

Fort Wayne, Indiana is launching a new program aimed at inspiring homeowners to make improvements to their properties, transforming neighborhoods into vibrant and appealing spaces. The “Curb Appeal” initiative provides eligible property owners with the opportunity to repair and enhance the visual appeal of their homes and surroundings, starting from April 10.

The City has outlined six key goals for the program:

  1. Neighborhood Revitalization: By improving the appearance and image of eligible neighborhoods, the program seeks to create a positive impact and foster community revitalization.
  2. Increased Housing Value: Enhancing the quality and aesthetics of housing within eligible neighborhoods will help elevate property values, benefiting homeowners and the overall community.
  3. Resource Provision: Property owners will have access to valuable resources to assist them in making exterior improvements to their homes and properties, promoting pride of ownership.
  4. Facilitating Improvement Projects: The program aims to support improvement projects and investments that might not have been feasible otherwise, fostering positive changes and upgrades.
  5. Spurring Neighborly Investment: By encouraging neighboring and nearby property owners to invest in their homes, the program seeks to create a domino effect of improvement, contributing to the overall enhancement of the community.
  6. Ensuring Safe Housing: The program also emphasizes the importance of safe housing, promoting the well-being and security of residents.

Eligible projects under the “Curb Appeal” program encompass various aspects of property enhancement. Examples provided by the City include the addition, maintenance, or removal of fences, trees, or shrubs, as well as painting or washing the exterior of homes.

To participate in the program, residents who meet the eligibility criteria can receive matching funds on a first-come, first-served basis until all program funds are allocated. Eligible neighborhoods are those that have recently collaborated with the Community Development Division and the Neighborhood Planning and Activation Workgroup to develop a neighborhood plan.

Mayor Tom Henry highlights the significance of neighborhoods as the backbone of the community, emphasizing the importance of finding innovative ways to make a positive difference and ensure the continued strength and vibrancy of Fort Wayne’s residential areas.

The “Curb Appeal” program reflects the City’s commitment to promoting community engagement, neighborhood pride, and the overall well-being of residents. Through this initiative, Fort Wayne aims to create attractive, safe, and thriving neighborhoods that residents can be proud to call home.

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