Cash Back for Property Taxes: $150 Rebate Available for Eligible Americans in North Carolina

North Carolina Grant

Residents of North Carolina now have the opportunity to claim their share of the $250,000 allocated by the state for property tax rebates. This initiative aims to assist homeowners, particularly those with low incomes, who are grappling with the increasing costs of homeownership. The rebate offer is specifically applicable to individuals residing in Greensboro, as approved by the City Council on March 21.

Qualified households in Greensboro can receive a partial refund of the property taxes they paid last year. The implementation of this program underscores the state’s commitment to prioritize the welfare and security of its residents. Marikay Abuzuaiter, a member of the Greensboro City Council, highlighted the council’s concern for homeowners, particularly those in lower to middle-income households, who should not face adverse effects due to property re-evaluations. The goal is to ensure that homeowners can maintain stability in their homes.

The program is overseen by the city’s Housing and Neighborhood Development department, and the application process is set to open on April 15. Homeowners interested in participating need to act swiftly, as the deadline to apply is June 15. To be eligible, residents must provide their tax return from the previous year as well as proof of household income.

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Additionally, applicants must have resided in their current homes for the past five years, and the property’s tax value must be less than $250,000. The rebate amount is determined by the difference in taxes paid between 2022 and 2021, which can range from $50 to $150.

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Here are the remaining requirements for the program:

  • The applicant’s primary residence must be the home in question.
  • The home must have undergone a property revaluation increase as part of the 2022 Guilford County tax revaluation.
  • The total household gross income should not exceed $41,000 for one person or $47,000 for two or more persons.
  • There should be no outstanding taxes owed to the City of Greensboro on the home.
  • Applicants cannot receive assistance from the County Homestead Tax Exclusion Program.

Other Rebate Programs Available

Apart from North Carolina, the Montana Department of Revenue has also set aside funds to provide income tax rebates for its residents. Governor Greg Gianforte signed House Bill 192 on March 13, ensuring monetary support for Montanans. Individual filers can receive a rebate of $1,250, while married couples filing jointly are eligible for $2,500. These rebates are based on taxes paid in 2021.

Similarly, residents of Washington are also set to receive refunds. The state’s Department of Revenue holds unclaimed money and property belonging to over one million residents. The average claim amounts to approximately $131, according to Joe Gisler, manager of Unclaimed Property. The surplus of $1.8 billion contributes to this refund program. The Department of Revenue receives unclaimed property from various sources, such as closed bank accounts, uncashed checks, utility deposits, money orders, credit balances, stocks and dividends, and refunds or rebates.

These initiatives highlight the efforts of several states to provide financial support and relief to their residents. Families, homeowners, and individuals are encouraged to explore the available options to ensure they can benefit from these programs. Furthermore, it is recommended to stay informed about similar programs and payments offered in other states, as they can significantly contribute to financial stability and well-being.

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