Frederick County Launches Grant-Funded Initiative for Home Efficiency Improvements

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Residents of Frederick County who meet income requirements are set to benefit from complimentary home energy efficiency enhancements, thanks to a fresh influx of state funding. This financial boost aims to aid those most in need while also promoting environmental sustainability in the region.

Frederick County’s Power Saver Retrofits Program, now in its 11th year, has recently been granted $571,948 by the Maryland Energy Administration, according to an announcement by county officials on Friday. This significant increase—approximately $100,000 more than the funding received last year—will empower the program to reach even more households, reducing overall energy usage and enhancing the living conditions for local residents.

To date, the Power Saver Retrofits Program has already enabled 698 households to improve their energy efficiency. These upgrades range from enhancements to heating and cooling systems to installing improved home insulation. The goal is to help low- to moderate-income households decrease their home energy bills, curtail electricity consumption, and contribute to lowering carbon emissions from regional power plants.

County Executive Jessica Fitzwater underscored the multifaceted benefits of the program, saying, “Improving our energy efficiency makes good environmental sense, and it makes good economic sense. I am thrilled that the Power Saver Retrofits funding will assist our low- and moderate-income families in reducing their home energy usage and, subsequently, their monthly utility expenses.”

This grant award not only serves the residents but also stimulates the local economy. Dawn Aschbacher, County Climate and Energy manager, noted in a Friday interview that the enhanced funding would boost business for the county’s contractors tasked with installing the energy-efficient upgrades.

The county estimates that the current grant will underwrite energy efficiency projects for approximately 78 households in this cycle alone.

Eligibility for the program is determined based on household size and gross income. For example, a one-person household is eligible if their income is $57,750 or less, whereas a four-person household is eligible with an income of $82,500 or less.

Interested residents are encouraged to find out more information and apply via the county’s website at Further inquiries can be directed to program manager Lindsey Humphrey via email at [email protected] or by phone at 240-772-0390.

Aschbacher concluded by advocating the benefits for residents, businesses, and the environment alike, driving home the point that this program represents a win for all stakeholders involved.

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