Jamestown Homeowners to Receive Additional Financial Support

Jamestown New York Financial Assistance

An increase in funding to assist homeowners with property improvements in the City of Jamestown is on the horizon.

During a meeting on Monday evening, the Jamestown City Council members went through the specifics of a homeowner grant, which is slated to be managed by the Jamestown Department of Development. This grant is part of the city’s initiative to boost the quality of housing and enhance the attractiveness of the cityscape.

The funds for this program were assigned last year as a part of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). However, the rollout and administration of these funds have been delayed until now. Despite the delay, the city remains committed to ensuring that the funds are distributed effectively to make a real difference in the lives of homeowners.

According to Crystal Surdyk, the Director of Development, homeowners seeking to take advantage of this grant must meet a ten percent match requirement. She elaborated, “Up to $2,500 can be claimed, either as a direct payment to a contractor performing the improvements, or homeowners can front the cost and then apply for a rebate. We provided a draft of the grant details to the council for review and feedback to ensure that the program aligns with their vision and expectations.”

This grant isn’t the city’s first attempt to revamp its housing sector using ARPA funding. Two similar initiatives have been launched in the past to address specific housing issues. One such program targeted ‘zombie properties’ – homes that are neglected or abandoned during the foreclosure process. The program aimed to renovate these properties and return them to a livable and marketable state.

Another past initiative focused on developing senior housing to ensure that the city’s older residents have comfortable and affordable living options. The current homeowner grant program, alongside these previous efforts, represents Jamestown’s strategic commitment to enhancing housing conditions for all residents.

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