Kansas Homeowner Assistance Fund Provides Utility, Rent and Mortgage Assistance

Kansas provides assistance through KHAF

The American Rescue Plan of 2021 provided the State of Kansas with $56.6 million to help its residents affected by the Covid-19 pandemic through the Kansas Homeowner Assistance Fund program KHAF. These funds can be used to cover delinquent mortgage payments, property taxes, past-due utilities, and other housing-related expenses. 

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According to the Kansas Homeowner Assistance Fund (KHAF) program’s official site, the State has:

  • $5,011,025.00 Total funding provided so far;
  • 1,824 Total applications submitted;
  • 967 Applications in the process;
  • 605 Application funded.

(If you want to view KHAF applications by county, click here.)

KHAF, administered by the Kansas Housing Resources Corporation (KHRC), provides financial assistance to qualifying homeowners to get current on their mortgages and property taxes and avoid foreclosure. Applicants must be delinquent on their mortgage or property charges by 30 days or more to qualify for assistance To be eligible, homeowners must be facing financial hardship as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic that occurred after January 21, 2021. This can include job loss, reduction in working hours, medical bills, etc. 

Applicants must also own their home in Kansas, be at risk of losing it without help, and have a household income that is at or below 150% of the Area Median Income (AMI) in order to be eligible. The property must be a single-family residence, a dwelling with one to four units, or mobile home. IT must be located within the state of Kansas and be the applicant’s primary residence (secondary homes and vacation houses are not allowed).  
Applications for the Kansas Homeowner Assistance Fund (KHAF) are available here. For more information on available funding and the program’s eligibility requirements, call 855-307-KHAF (5423) OR complete the KHAF Contact Us form.

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