Fourth Stimulus Check of $850 is Coming in June – See Who Gets One

Stimulus Checks

According to a new plan from Maine’s governor, residents might get a fourth stimulus check of $850.00 payment as soon as June. Governor Janet Mills’ proposal is to give back the taxpayers’ $850.00 cash payments in exchange for a portion of the state’s budget surplus. Even though some legislators want to speed things up even further by employing direct deposit, the initiative has bipartisan backing. These checks will be sent to an estimated 858,000 Mainers, for a total of $729.3 million returned to taxpayers. 

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“We want to make sure that every eligible person is able to receive this assistance, and we are hopeful that this website can help accomplish that by answering some of the most common questions Maine people may have,” said Governor Janet Mills.”What this budget shows once again through hard work and good faith negotiation Democrats, Republicans and independents can come together to do what is right for Maine people. And that we can do so without rancor or bitter partisanship that has sometimes divided Augusta in the past.” 

To be eligible, individuals must file a 2021 Maine individual income tax return by October 31, 2022, as full-time Maine residents. The $850 relief payment is available whether or not Maine income tax is owed, including for those who receive social security and/or supplemental security income (SSI), so long as they meet the other eligibility criteria. Those eligible must not be claimed as a dependent and must have a Federal adjusted gross income (FAGI) of less than:

  • $100,000.00 if filing single or if married and filing separately;
  • $150,000.00 if filing as head of household; 
  • $200,000.00 for couples filing jointly.

The payments are a one-time infusion into Maine families and they are intended to assist in the rising expenses as a result of global inflation, as well as other worldwide economic disruptions caused by the epidemic. The relief checks will be mailed via U.S. Postal Service to the address provided on your 2021 Maine individual income tax return and will be redirected to any forwarding addresses filed with the U.S. Postal Service.

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“We have begun the work of getting $850 checks into the mailbox of every Maine adult who qualifies,” said Kirsten Figueroa, Commissioner for the Department of Administrative and Financial Services, of which Maine Revenue Services is a division.

For assistance in identifying free tax help, Maine taxpayers may visit, call 2-1-1, or visit For more information, visit the State’s official site.

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