Maryland Administration Offers Low-Income Solar Solutions

Solar Grants

The Maryland Energy Administration, or MEA, just announced that they’re accepting new applications for the 2023 Low-Income Solar Grant Program.

Did you know that there are several Virginia solar incentives, rebates, and programs expiring in 2023? Before you start worrying, you should know that there are unbelievable new incentives here now! Check out one of the most popular resources for learning about these programs in the link below.

Access Virginia Solar Programs

This program provides design services and solar installation for low-income homeowners in Maryland. Eligible participants will need to have an energy audit and past energy efficiency improvements under the state’s 2018-2022 energy efficiency programs, so this serves to help deserving citizens in need further.

$1M is available for the program. MEA projects that they’ll be able to pay for 100$ of all costs associated with photovoltaic panels and system design and installation costs for homeowners. This could include roof repair and replacement, structural improvement, and even mold removal. 

To apply, contact Program Manager Abigail Antonini at or 410-537-4064.

If you aren’t eligible for the MEA grants, you can also fund your home solar solutions by refinancing.

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