Milwaukee’s Grow Solar Group Buy Program Nears Its Conclusion

Milwaukee's Grow Solar Group Buy Program Nears Its Conclusion

In Milwaukee County, residents are on the brink of a transformative opportunity to reduce their electricity bills and embrace energy independence, thanks to the return of the Grow Solar Greater Milwaukee Group Buy Program. This initiative heralds a new era of harnessing the power of the sun to energize homes.

Taylor Ball, the Solar Program Manager at the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, describes the solar industry as a “solar coaster,” highlighting its dynamic nature. This year, the landscape has evolved significantly with the recent passage of the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). This credit offers a substantial benefit, providing up to a 30% discount on both residential and commercial solar installations. Additionally, this federal incentive can be coupled with Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy program, which offers financial rebates to further reduce the costs of solar installation.

Ball emphasizes that residents now have a unique chance not only to explore if solar energy suits their needs but also to receive multiple quotes from two thoroughly vetted installers. These installers are offering competitive prices that are below the typical market rates. Moreover, as more individuals participate in the program, it could activate a benchmark that unlocks an extra rebate, augmenting the already attractive below-market pricing.

For the 2023 program, Full Spectrum Solar and Arch Solar have been selected as the designated installers. Interested consumers can gain insights from these installers and learn more about the Grow Solar initiative by attending the final Solar Power Hour information session. This session, which is crucial for anyone considering solar energy, will be held virtually on Thursday, November 16th.

This program is more than just an economic opportunity; it’s a step towards a sustainable future. By embracing solar energy, Milwaukee County residents are not only reducing their energy bills but also contributing to a greener, more renewable energy landscape. The Grow Solar Greater Milwaukee Group Buy Program is not just an investment in solar panels; it’s an investment in a sustainable future, leveraging the abundant and renewable energy of the sun to power homes and lives.

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