Qualify for Housing Grants in Sandusky

Sandusky, Ohio Home Grants

The City of Sandusky, Ohio has announced the return of its popular Housing Development and Beautification Program for an eighth consecutive year. City officials have allocated $400,000 towards the program, aimed at offsetting expenses for new, existing and prospective homeowners while upgrading the local housing stock and increasing the population.

The $400,000 figure is a significant increase over the $180,000 committed in 2021 and represents an opportunity for individuals to claim funding for specific purposes such as exterior repairs, substantial redevelopment and home purchase assistance. Housing Development Specialist, Debi Eversole, is overseeing the initiative, which is expected to assist 120 homes within the 1,000 already enhanced by public funds through the program since its inception in 2016.

Eversole explains that “$300,000 of the allocated funds are to support home improvement and/or development grants while $100,000 is dedicated to helping those buying homes.” A portion of the funding will be reserved for homeowners with active violation notices to help them achieve compliance with the code.

The Sandusky Housing Development and Beautification Program has helped the community through the provision of financial assistance to 123 homes in 2022, and since its launch in 2016, officials have committed approximately $3 million through public funds to enhance 1,000 homes. Eversole states that the program is an essential tool in creating a livable and vibrant community and encourages all to apply, highlighting that successful applicants are not required to repay the funds.

The program provides three ways for people to apply for funding:

  1. Substantial redevelopment, which includes new development and eligible rehabilitation projects exceeding $20,000
  2. Exterior repairs, which include any improvements visible from the street
  3. Home purchase assistance, which includes anyone purchasing a home in the city for owner-occupancy

While the program was designed, in part, to enhance the neighborhood’s appeal for current and prospective residents, Eversole emphasizes that any property owner can apply for funding, and the program intends to add a review element focusing on historic preservation of homes built within a certain period.

People interested in the program can visit the city’s website at cityofsandusky.com housing to access the 2023 application. The application process is on a first-come, first-served basis and opens on Monday. Applicants must complete the necessary forms and provide supporting documentation via email, mail or the City Hall dropbox. The program is expected to continue to enhance the city’s overall aesthetic and attract visitors interested in purchasing property and living in Sandusky.

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