Did You Get a Stimulus Check?

Stimulus Check

Some homeowners received their stimulus checks in the mail last month. Residents of Maine and New Mexico who filed their income taxes should have gotten one by now. Other states, including California, Minnesota, Colorado, and Kansas are also trying to pass stimulus checks. 

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Residents of Maine who filed their state tax forms for 2021 should get a direct payment of $850.00 Those who file as single filers and are married with an adjusted gross income of up to $200,000.00 are both eligible. Projections indicate that these checks could be helpful to about 858,000 persons. Visit the State’s official website for further information.

Residents of New Mexico will also be eligible for comparable tax rebates if they file their income taxes by May 31 and comply with all other criteria. For single taxpayers, they will contribute $250, and for joint filers, $500.00. For solo filers, the income cutoff is $75,000.00; for heads of households, it is $150,000.00; and for married couples filing jointly, it is also $150,000.00. In June and August of 2022, these rebates will be automatically distributed without the need for applications. The rebate law also allocated $20 million for grants of economic relief to New Mexicans who do not file state income taxes because of their income levels. Visit tax.newmexico.gov for more details on these refunds, relief payments, and upcoming stimulus cheques for New Mexico.

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