Blaine County Charitable Secures $250,000 Grant for Urgent Housing Aid

Idaho Grants

Blaine County Charitable Fund has recently obtained a Community Development Block CARES Act Grant worth $250,000 to provide emergency housing aid for households experiencing financial difficulties related to COVID-19 in Idaho. The grant comes with certain conditions, and recipients must be documented US citizens or workers. The grant must be disbursed in monthly installments by May-end.

Executive director Mary Fauth expressed concerns regarding spending the funds quickly with the imposed limitations. Previously, the fund received $263,600 from different sources, including private donations, to cover the expenses of 95 individuals, including 37 children, who were staying in emergency hotels. These funds can be utilized without documentation or citizenship requirements.

The CARES Act funds are only available to families earning 80% or less than the median household income. Rental assistance can be availed for a maximum of three months, i.e., March to May. Beneficiary households must pay at least 30% of their income towards rent. The maximum monthly rent paid by the CARES funding will be allocated based on the Housing and Urban Development rates, with $741 for a studio, $848 for one bedroom, $1,116 for two bedrooms, and $1,433 for a three-bedroom.

For more information, visit or dial 208-244-5205.

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