Solar Energy Incentives Introduced in Lexington-Fayette County

Lexington-Fayette Country Solar Energy


Did you know that there are several Virginia solar incentives, rebates, and programs expiring in 2023? Before you start worrying, you should know that there are unbelievable new incentives here now! Check out one of the most popular resources for learning about these programs in the link below.

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Lexington is taking steps to boost renewable energy use with the launch of its new campaign, Solarize Lexington. The initiative, in collaboration with the Kentucky Solar Energy Society, aims to incentivize solar panel installation to reduce dependence on the electrical grid in central Kentucky.

The Solarize Lexington campaign offers an opportunity for residents, non-profits, small businesses, and places of worship in Fayette County to install solar panels at a discounted rate of up to 20%. The program is open to all homeowners in the county, and interested parties can find eligibility criteria at Accredited installers will be available to work with participants and guide them through the process.

Steve Ricketts, a representative from the Kentucky Solar Energy Society, believes that the program will speed up the adoption of clean renewable energy in the region. He stated, “Solarize Lexington will accelerate the widespread adoption of clean renewable energy in Fayette County by residents, small businesses, places of worship, and non-profits.”

Participants in the Solarize Lexington campaign will be responsible for the discounted cost of panels and installation. To offset the cost, federal tax credits are also available for those who qualify. The program is accepting applications until July 20, and contracting must be completed by Sept. 14, with installation scheduled before the end of the year.

Lexington is also providing grant programs and limited funding options for low-income homeowners, in addition to informational workshops that will be held at a later date. By promoting solar panel installation, the city is working towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future. To learn more about Solarize Lexington, visit

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