Brunswick City Commission to Discuss Measures to Prevent Homelessness

Brunswick Home Assistance Fund

On Wednesday, the Brunswick City, Georgia Commission will hold an important meeting to address the growing issue of homelessness in the city. The main item on the agenda is a proposal put forward by City Manager Regina McDuffie to provide assistance to homeowners and renters who are at risk of eviction or losing their homes.

The proposal, which was first discussed at the city’s December finance committee meeting, calls for the allocation of $250,000 from federal funds provided to the city through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to the Coastal Georgia Area Community Action Authority’s renter and homeowner assistance program. The funds would be used to help people in need and would effectively supplement the authority’s existing program.

McDuffie told the committee last month that the proposal was inspired by the city’s homelessness summit, which highlighted the importance of prevention in addressing homelessness. She also emphasized that the city would contract with the Coastal Georgia Area Community Action Authority, which already vets people for rental assistance from the state Department of Community Affairs, to select people to assist.

According to a memo from McDuffie to the commission, the program length will be determined based on the availability of funds and the city will contract with an outside agency to determine the eligibility of candidates and award funds. McDuffie stated that neighboring communities have engaged in similar programs and the Community Action Authority is the recommended partner.

The meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. on Wednesday in Old City Hall, located at 1229 Newcastle St. in Brunswick. In addition to the discussion on homelessness, the commissioners will also consider appointments to the Brunswick Housing Authority’s governing board and begin the process of amending the city’s comprehensive plan.

This meeting is a crucial step towards alleviating homelessness in Brunswick and providing support to those who need it most. McDuffie sees this proposal as a “first initial action” towards addressing the issue, and the city of St. Marys has a similar initiative in the works.

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