Cavalier Debuts Exciting New Housing Assistance Program

Cavalier Housing Assistance

In an effort to attract new residents and support existing ones, the city of Cavalier has recently put into action a comprehensive housing incentive program. The Cavalier City Council approved the program on February 6, with the aim of offering financial assistance to new residents looking to build, purchase, or relocate homes in the area, as well as providing aid to current Cavalier residents.

Casey Krieg, the city administrator and auditor for Cavalier, stated that the primary objective of the initiative is to address the city’s housing shortage by encouraging the construction and introduction of new homes. According to Krieg, the demand for housing in Cavalier is high, with homes typically selling within a matter of weeks, leaving limited options for potential residents.

The housing incentive program features several key incentives, including: a $15,000 grant for individuals purchasing or building a newly constructed single-family or multi-family home within city limits, with a minimum taxable value of $50,000; a $10,000 grant for residents relocating a single-family home into the city limits, also with a minimum taxable value of $50,000; and a $200 credit towards travel and municipal utility bills for homeowners who paint their property within city limits, limited to one credit per property owner.

Funding for the program is sourced from Cavalier’s growth fund, which is replenished through sales tax revenues, as explained by Krieg. While the city already offers various business incentives, this housing incentive program is a new addition, drawing inspiration from similar initiatives in neighboring communities. Krieg mentioned that the program was designed by studying the strategies employed by other towns and incorporating the best ideas, while also adding unique elements tailored to Cavalier’s specific needs.

Although the incentives provided by the program are substantial, Krieg is unable to predict the exact number of homes it will bring to the area. She hopes that the grants will help offset the rising costs of materials, which have discouraged some potential homeowners.

For more information about Cavalier’s housing incentive program, interested individuals can visit

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