Grants from Love Your Block Program Given to Erie City Residents

City of Erie Homeowner Program

The City of Erie has recently announced its expansion of the Love Your Block program, which will provide grant funding to homeowners who live between East 6th and 12th Streets in the east bayfront neighborhood. The program aims to encourage residents to work together to improve the outside of their properties, and in turn, uplift the east side communities.

Homeowners can apply for mini-grants to carry out repairs and improvements to their homes, with the aim of making the neighborhood more attractive and cohesive. The Love Your Block program is a collaborative effort that requires neighbors to come together to apply for the funding.

The program has been successful in the past, having provided 31 mini-grants for home repairs in 2022 that saved residents about $26,000. This year, in addition to the east bayfront, neighborhoods such as East Avenue, Marvintown, and Lakeside are also included in the program.

Residents have expressed their enthusiasm for the Love Your Block program, with Amanda Bender stating that the initiative would enable people to get to know their neighbors and work together to create a beautiful community. Meanwhile, William Paul Johnson hopes that the program will encourage residents to fix up their properties, thereby making the neighborhood more attractive for all.

Erin Carey, the neighborhood planner for the City of Erie, notes that there are numerous city resources available to residents, including large item pickup, citizen response center, and the Love Your Block program. She hopes to make residents more aware of the resources available to them and encourage their participation in community improvement programs.

Randall Sutter, an Erie resident, believes that if utilized, the program will help residents to express themselves and make the outside of their homes reflect the beauty of their neighborhood. Amanda Bender also hopes that the program will change perceptions about the east side communities and demonstrate that good people reside there.

In conclusion, the expansion of the Love Your Block program in the City of Erie aims to improve the east bayfront neighborhood and uplift its communities. The program offers homeowners the opportunity to work together to carry out home repairs and beautification projects, with the aim of making the neighborhood more cohesive and attractive. Residents have expressed their enthusiasm for the program, hoping that it will create a positive impact on the community.

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