Homeowners in Northeast Missouri Can Get Help with Mortgages Through Assistance Program

Missouri Mortgage Assistance

The North East Community Action Corporation (NECAC) is aiming to raise awareness about its mortgage assistance program, which provides support to northeast Missouri residents who are struggling due to the pandemic. Carla Potts, the deputy director of housing development programs with NECAC, explained that the program was initiated by the Missouri Housing Development Commission in response to the pandemic’s economic crises. The federal funding is dedicated to providing monetary assistance and counseling for people facing mortgage difficulties due to the pandemic.

According to Potts, many homeowners have been facing hardships due to losing their jobs, having their hours cut back, experiencing unexpected medical expenses, or facing increased childcare costs. The counseling services provided by the program include budgeting assistance and credit decision-making, which can help homeowners achieve stability and avoid recurring issues in the future.

Potts emphasized the importance of the program’s long-term approach to ensure that homeowners can financially deal with their difficulties and have a plan for the future. She estimated that thousands of people across the state have already benefitted from the program, and she hopes that spreading awareness can provide opportunities for northeast Missouri residents who need assistance.

Potts encouraged anyone facing mortgage difficulties due to the pandemic to see if they qualify for the program. She explained that there is no deadline in place, and reaching out to NECAC to ask for assistance is always a good decision. She cited an example of a senior couple who thought they wouldn’t qualify for the program but were falling behind on their mortgage payments. Once they contacted Potts, they found out they did qualify for assistance.

Potts compared achieving financial stability and being ready for the future to the process of constructing a sturdy home. She emphasized that having a firm foundation is crucial to weathering storms that may arise in the future.

Residents in northeast Missouri who want to learn more about the mortgage assistance program can contact Potts at 573-324-6622. Potts commended all the partner agencies that work alongside NECAC to support those in need in area communities and emphasized the importance of working together to overcome difficulties.

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