Stimulus Money Available in Kentucky


Residents of Kentucky can get financial assistance from state and local agencies to cover rent and mortgage bills. The first step is to visit their database, which is organized by state. You have two alternatives if you live in Louisville. 

For more information on getting a grant and also learning about refinance programs, take a look at this.

The Healthy At Home fund is exclusively available to renters. Its goal is to help Kentucky tenants with rent and/or utilities in order to keep them in their homes. It allows landlords and utilities to get substantial payments for arrearages, resulting in fewer eviction cases in Kentucky courts. All Kentucky counties outside of Fayette and Jefferson County are eligible for these funds. This initiative is not expected to run out of money before aiding qualifying renters and landlords who fill out the necessary paperwork. KHC has set aside at least 60% of HHERF financing for renter households who match one or both of these criteria, such as those earning less than 50% of the area median income and those who have been unemployed for more than 90 days. On a weekly basis, KHC tracks real assistance spending by household characteristics.

According to their official site, there 4 different types of assistance available:

  • Up to 12 months of past-due rent owed since April 1, 2020, + 3 months of future rent;
  • Up to 12 months of past-due utilities owed since April 1, 2020, + 3 months of future utilities;
  • Maximum past due rent and/or utility bills covered = 12 months;
  • Maximum future rent and/or utility bills covered = 3 months

Lexington-Fayette County residents can use funds from the Housing Stabilization Program if they are facing eviction. This is a Team Kentucky-funded assistance program aimed at reducing evictions, letting landlords get considerable back rent payments, and reducing the spread of COVID-19 by allowing people and families to practice Healthy at Home. And starting Monday, May 9, Jefferson County tenants and landlords can apply for rental assistance through Team Kentucky’s Healthy at Home Eviction Relief Fund

Homeowners in Kentucky can also get financial assistance from Kentucky’s Homeowner Assistance Fund program if they are facing difficulties as a result of the Covid-19 crisis. Kentucky received $85.4 million in federal Homeowner Assistance Funds from the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. These funds will provide direct support for mortgage payments, property taxes and insurance, homeowner’s association fees, and utility assistance to qualifying homeowners who have encountered financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

For more information on getting a grant and also learning about refinance programs, take a look at this.

If you satisfy the eligibility requirements, the Louisville Metro Housing Authority can also help you with your mortgage payment. LMHA’s Homeownership Program aims to assist eligible Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) recipients in putting their subsidy toward a monthly home mortgage payment rather than rent. This help is only available for monthly mortgage payments. Participants in the program are responsible for all costs involved with the purchase, including inspections, down payment, closing costs, and ongoing home repairs and maintenance.

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