Michigan Homeowners: $32M Still Up for Grabs in COVID Relief

Michigan Homeowners: $32M Still Up for Grabs in COVID Relief

Situated in Lansing, Michigan, the Michigan Homeowner Assistance Fund (MIHAF) continues to provide crucial financial relief to homeowners affected by the pandemic. Currently, an estimated $32 million remains available from the fund to support Michiganders who are struggling to keep up with their property taxes, mortgage payments, land contracts, mobile home lot fees, and other housing-related expenses.

MIHAF was initiated as a consequence of the American Cares Act with the mission of helping homeowners who are financially hampered by the ongoing impacts of the pandemic. “We’re about a year and a half into the program, and it’s been pivotal in assisting families and homeowners in handling the financial burdens associated with COVID-19,” says MIHAF project manager, Dawn Hengesbach.

Eligibility for the assistance requires homeowners to occupy the house and confirm a COVID-related hardship. These hardships could vary from taking care of a family member with COVID to experiencing a decrease in income or an increase in expenses due to the pandemic.

Recognizing the ongoing financial strains caused by the pandemic, MIHAF recently expanded its program to include aid for property tax payments that were overdue even prior to the pandemic’s onset. “We identified a dire need for this kind of aid. The pandemic exacerbated the financial struggles of families who were already behind on property taxes, pushing them further into arrears and heightening the risk of them losing their homes. We believe that by extending the program to cover outstanding taxes from previous years, we can help place families on a firmer financial footing moving forward,” Hengesbach explains.

To apply for the assistance, homeowners can visit the Michigan State Housing Development Authority’s website where they’ll need to present proof of identification, proof of social security number, evidence of household income, and proof of delinquency.

Recognizing that some individuals may need help navigating the application process, MIHAF has partnered with 211 of Michigan to provide additional support. This partnership ensures that crucial financial aid reaches those who need it most, allowing them to weather the ongoing financial storm brought about by the pandemic.

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