Housing Relief Grants in Shawnee Gets $150,000 Funding from Foundation

Housing Relief Grants in Shawnee Gets $150,000 Funding from Foundation

In the wake of a severe tornado that struck Shawnee, Oklahoma, the local community is rallying to assist residents in their recovery efforts. A substantial donation from a regional organization aims to provide much-needed financial aid to those impacted by the storm.

The REALTORS Relief Foundation, a group dedicated to providing housing-related assistance to disaster victims, has made a significant contribution to the Shawnee Board of REALTORS. The board has been allocated $150,000 in relief grants. These funds are designated to aid those adversely affected by the destructive tornadoes that swept through the region on April 19.

Shawnee Board of REALTORS® President Jamie Carter expressed his deep gratitude for the generous support received from the REALTORS® Relief Foundation. He noted that the relief funds are not only life-changing for the individual recipients, but they will also be instrumental in the wider community’s rebuilding efforts. This sizable donation will make a significant difference in the recovery process, giving those affected the resources they need to get back on their feet.

The plan for the donated funds is to assist victims in making housing payments, a critical need following the destruction caused by the tornadoes. The swift response and generous contributions of organizations like the REALTORS® Relief Foundation can make a significant difference in these challenging times, helping to alleviate some of the financial burdens homeowners are facing as they start the process of rebuilding.

Residents who have been affected by the April 19 tornadoes and need financial assistance can reach out to the Shawnee Board of REALTORS®. The organization can be contacted at (405) 273-6113, where individuals can learn more about the application process or request assistance.

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