Mortgage Relief Eligibility Requirements for the Florida Home Assistance Fund

Did the COVID-19 pandemic see your finances dwindle greatly? Although getting back on your feet might seem challenging, an initiative is available to expedite the process — Florida Home Assistance Fund (HAF).

Regardless of the Florida vicinity you’re based in, the HAF can grant you the monetary aid required in resolving foreclosures, late mortgage and utility payments, defaults, home energy, and insurance.

Does this sound like something you’ll need? If yes, the clock’s ticking, and you need to kick-start registration via this URL.

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Before you commence the registration process, you’ll need to have the right documents. Depending on the financial aid you’re seeking via the HAF initiative, you’ll need to provide several documents, including:

  • Internet Statement
  • Condominium or Homeowner Association Fees Statement
  • Utility Statement
  • Mortgage Statement
  • Property Tax Statement

However, registration is just the foundation of the entire process. After you’ve inserted relevant details and submitted the right documents, you should receive an email confirming your application within minutes. If you can’t find this email in your inbox, check your spam folder (we also recommend checking the “Promotions” segment if you can’t find it among your spam entries).

There’s a seven-day wait period after your application. However, you’ll receive a notification on or before the seventh day indicating your eligibility status. Numerous Florida residents are having financial difficulties, and it’s relieving to know the Florida Home Assistance Fund (HAF) is on ground to make the path to debt resolution easier and seamless.

Eligibility Requirements for the Florida Home Assistance Fund

To receive aid from the Florida HAF, you must show proof that you suffered a financial dip after January 21st, 2020, due to economic or health issues stemming from the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s also pertinent to note that you can opt for HAF receipt if your financial difficulties started before the set date (January 21st, 2020). However, you’d need extra proof to show that it continued after the said timeline to qualify.

Additionally, you must attain these requirements:

  • The structure must be located in the state of Florida.
  • Your household income must be at 150% below the area’s median income or 100% below the nation’s (United States) median wage — whatever value is higher.
  • You must own or occupy the building.

The following property variations are eligible for Florida HAF receipt:

  • Single-family detached or attached homes
  • Condominiums
  • Properties taxed as real estate structures
  • Mobile homes without affiliations to a real structure
  • Home with one to four units (where you’re the landlord and reside in one of the featured units).

NOTE: Vacant and investment properties don’t qualify for the Florida Home Assistance Fund.

Look Out for Scams!

During or after your Florida HFA application, you might receive unsolicited calls, texts, and emails that claim to offer charge-free relief for foreclosures and mortgage settlements.

At first glance, you might think that these messages are genuine. However, if there’s an indication that you’d need to make payment to access these incentives, it’s an outright SCAM!

If you’ve got any reservations, it’ll be in your best interests to contact these Florida HFA support channels:

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