CDBG loan program in Brown County provides assistance to low to moderate-income families for essential home repairs

Brown County Wisconsin loan program

Over the last nine years, the Brown County Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) housing program has been an instrumental source of financial support to homeowners in the Northeast Wisconsin region. With $7 million invested in this period, the program has provided assistance to homebuyers by offering down payments, and also helps homeowners with crucial repairs. The program is currently in its tenth year of operation, and has been pivotal in helping low-income families and individuals overcome financial barriers in acquiring and maintaining homes.

The program covers a wide 10-county region in Northeastern Wisconsin, except for cities with their own specific housing programs. To cater for homeowners in the region, the program provides 0% interest loans for essential home repairs, with the primary focus on issues that pose health and safety hazards in homes.

Todd Mead, a senior planner with the Brown County Planning Commission, said that the program has helped homeowners with various repair issues such as leaky roofs, sanitation, and other critical concerns such as improving septic systems in rural areas. “We help remediate those improvements or take care of that issue,” he said.

The CDBG loan is recorded as a mortgage on the property, and payment on the loan is deferred until the property is no longer the principal place of residence. This usually happens when the home is sold, when the mortgage is refinanced, or when the homeowner transfers ownership.

The program’s income limits vary depending on the number of people living in each household. The 2022 income limits indicate that a family of four would qualify for the program with an income of $72,150 or less. This assists families and individuals who struggle to make a monthly payment due to their limited budget.

“The ultimate goal of this program is to keep individuals in their homes,” Mead said. “If they have issues where they can’t afford to make a monthly payment because of their tight budget, we offer financing for them with this regional program.”

If you are interested in the program, you can contact the Brown County Planning Commission at 920-448-6480 or visit the website for more information. By investing in the CDBG loan program, Brown County is helping low-income families and individuals acquire and maintain safe and healthy homes, ensuring the stability of the local community.

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