Federal Grants for Housing and Development Given to Cities Located in LA County

Los Angeles California Grants

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recently granted Los Angeles County California agencies a total of $136 million across three programs aimed at improving community development, affordable housing, and homeless assistance. The grants include the Community Development Block Grant, the HOME Investment Partnerships Program, and the Emergency Solutions Grant. Los Angeles city received the largest sum of $84 million, while Long Beach was the second-largest recipient, receiving approximately $8.8 million. Los Angeles County received $32.5 million in total from the three programs.

Pasadena received $3.2 million, making it the third-highest recipient among cities in LA County. Many other cities also received HUD funds to improve their communities, such as Compton with $2 million, Inglewood with $2 million, and Pomona with $2.8 million. Thousand Oaks, although not in LA County, also received a grant of $614,380.

The HUD grants will aid low- and moderate-income communities by expanding economic opportunities, building affordable housing for low-income families, and providing funding for homeless services efforts such as shelters and prevention programs. HUD distributed a total of $5.6 billion through three related grant programs, including two additional grant programs, to 1,200 communities throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

California, the state with the highest number of homeless individuals in the US, received the most significant amount of funds from HUD, with a total of $669,411,673, followed by New York with $541,252,698 combined. “Viable communities must promote integrated approaches to develop decent housing, suitable living environments, and expand economic opportunities to the most vulnerable,” said HUD Secretary Marcia L. Fudge in a statement. She added that the funds would help communities address their unique needs by prioritizing what matters most to their residents and enabling them to own their investments in community development.

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