New Hampshire Granted $20 Million by HUD

New Hampshire Grants


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has recently announced that over $20 million in housing support will be distributed to New Hampshire communities in the latest round of housing aid. This funding is part of a larger distribution of $5.6 billion to 1,200 communities across the United States.

According to Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Community Planning and Development Marion McFadden, this funding will enable communities to address their most pressing needs, including building homes, supporting renters and homeowners, providing life-saving assistance to those experiencing homelessness, improving public facilities, promoting community resilience, and strengthening local economies.

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New Hampshire will receive a total of $20.1 million in funding, with $12.6 million allocated for the development of housing through the Community Development Block Grants program. This program is designed to help cities and towns with funding for housing development projects that meet the specific needs of their communities.

Additionally, the state will receive $5.5 million in funding from the HOME Investment Partnerships Program, which provides essential resources to states and local governments to create affordable rental and owner-occupied housing for low-income families. This program also supports homeownership and rental assistance, as well as the development of affordable housing for people with disabilities.

The state will also be allocated $1.1 million in Emergency Solutions Grants to support the operation of local homeless shelters and social service programs that help prevent homelessness. These funds will provide essential support to those who are experiencing housing insecurity and homelessness.

Finally, New Hampshire will receive $930,886 in funding from the Recovery Housing Program, which will provide stable and transitional housing for individuals in recovery from a substance use disorder. This funding will help to ensure that those in recovery have a safe and supportive environment to transition to after leaving a treatment program.

Overall, the funding provided by HUD will play a critical role in supporting the housing needs of New Hampshire communities. It will help to build new housing, provide rental and homeowner assistance, support homeless prevention programs, and provide vital resources for those in recovery. The funding will enable communities to strengthen their local economies and improve the lives of their residents, creating a more vibrant and resilient state.

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