New Home Repair Assistance Program Initiated in South Bend

Indiana Home Repair Grants

South Bend has unveiled a new initiative designed to assist homeowners in need of property repairs. Dubbed the “Home Repair Program”, this funding scheme is set to give homeowners within specific city neighborhoods the necessary means to address and rectify key property maintenance issues.

As of Monday, May 1, income-qualified homeowners residing in designated city areas are eligible to apply for this grant. It’s important to note that the scope of repairs covered by the program is limited to essential home elements, specifically, new roofing and furnaces, as identified during the program’s inspection process. This limitation is in place to prioritize repairs that significantly contribute to the longevity of the homes and safeguard the residents’ well-being.

Applications are open to all who meet the eligibility criteria, and aid will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. The city encourages swift action to make the most of this opportunity until all the applications have been thoroughly processed.

Caleb Bauer, the executive director of community investment, shared his enthusiasm about this development in a recent press release. “We’re excited to offer a new round of home repair grants and look to focus on repairs that extend a home’s lifespan and preserve life safety for residents,” Bauer said.

Moreover, potential applicants need to be aware that enrollment in the city’s Utility Assistance Program (UAP) is a requirement for applying for the Home Repair Program. This additional criterion ensures that assistance is provided to those who are most in need and who are actively seeking to improve their living conditions.

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