Pennsylvania Homeowners Can Get $975 to Use Towards Mortgage or Rent

The Pennsylvania state government is currently distributing funds through the Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program to eligible individuals, including homeowners, renters, and people with disabilities. As of now, over 260,000 individuals have already received payments from the $121.7 million payout.

To qualify for the rebate, there are certain income limits in place. For example, those who make less than $8,000 per year can receive a payment of $650, while those who make up to $35,000 per year can receive a payment of up to $250. For more information on eligibility and income limits, individuals are encouraged to check the state’s guidelines or visit the MyPath website.

Those who qualify for the rebate can expect to receive their payment in the form of a direct deposit or check, and can check the status of their rebate through the state government’s online tool, “Where’s My Rebate?”. The maximum standard rebate amount is $650, but eligible homeowners may be able to receive a supplemental rebate, increasing their total payout up to $975.

For further assistance the Department of Revenue website is available, or inquiries can be made through this link.

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