Florida’s Solar Tax Benefits

Exploring Solar Opportunities in Florida

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Florida, renowned as the Sunshine State, boasts an average of 237 sunny days annually, making it an ideal location for harnessing solar power. However, the initial costs of installing solar panels in Florida and across the U.S. can be substantial. Fortunately, residents can leverage various incentives to mitigate these upfront expenses. In this guide, we’ll delve into Florida’s solar incentives, the federal tax credit, property tax exemptions, sales tax exemptions, solar loans, local incentives, and net metering.

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Florida Solar Incentives in 2024

Federal Solar Tax Credit

  • Description: A nonrefundable tax credit, 30% of the total investment
  • Type: Tax credit
  • Occurrence: One-time
  • Future Reduction: Set to decrease to 26% (2033) and 22% (2034)

Property Tax Exemption

  • Description: No increased property taxes post-solar installation
  • Type: Tax exemption
  • Occurrence: Ongoing
  • Expiration: 2037

Sales Tax Exemption

  • Description: No sales tax on solar purchase
  • Type: Tax exemption
  • Occurrence: One-time

Solar Loans

  • Description: Financing options for solar panel installations
  • Type: Loan
  • Occurrence: One-time
  • Programs: PACE, SELF, and localized loans

Local Incentives

  • Description: Varies by location
  • Type: Varies by location
  • Occurrence: Varies by location
  • Example: Boynton Beach Energy Edge rebate program

Net Metering

  • Description: Credits for excess energy sent to utility companies
  • Type: Bill credits and payments
  • Occurrence: Ongoing

Florida Solar Panels Cost

System SizeSystem CostCost with Federal Solar Tax Credit Applied
3 kW$7,800$5,460
4 kW$10,400$7,280
5 kW$13,000$9,100
6 kW$15,600$10,920
7 kW$18,200$12,740
8 kW$20,800$14,560
9 kW$23,400$16,380
10 kW$26,000$18,200

Choosing the Right Solar System

Determining the ideal solar system involves considering factors like budget, brand preference, roof type, and sunlight exposure. Trusted local installers can guide system type, size, and brand.

Benefits of Going Solar in Florida

  1. Financial Savings: Despite the upfront investment, solar power yields long-term savings, with an average annual estimate of $1,500 before net metering earnings.
  2. Environmental Benefits: By transitioning to solar, homeowners reduce reliance on finite and environmentally harmful fossil fuels, contributing to a greener future.
  3. Energy Independence: Storing excess energy in solar batteries enables homeowners to power their houses during power outages, crucial in Florida’s frequent tropical storms and hurricanes.

Is It Worth Going Solar in Florida?

For most homeowners, the cost of going solar in Florida proves worthwhile. While free solar panels aren’t available, affordable options, coupled with tax credits, rebates, and net metering, make the investment financially attractive. Additionally, the energy independence offered during storms adds significant value.

Selecting the Best Solar Panel Company

Choosing a solar panel company involves reading reviews, seeking recommendations, and obtaining multiple quotes to ensure the best deal and a high-quality installation.

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