Salt Lake County Receives $2 Million Grant Fundings to Make Homes Safer

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The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) approved $2 million in grant funding for Salt Lake County’s Green & Healthy Homes Program. Salt Lake County, Utah is one of the 60 agencies chosen to receive funding to make low-income families’ homes safer and healthier. In total, HUD awarded nearly $104.7 million to 60 agencies across the country. These funds will help the Salt Lake County Green & Healthy Homes Initiative Program (GHHI) continue its work to make homes safer for those who cannot afford them.

“For people with asthma, residents aging in place and others, these funds make a difference in their lives,” Randy Jepperson, Salt Lake County Housing Program Manager, said. “It’s not just fixing up the home, it’s making a difference in their daily lives.”

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These funds will help 130 additional families and individuals during the next three and half years. They can be used to address several issues such as radon gas safety, presence of lead, trip and fall hazards, causes of asthma or any severe respiratory problems, energy efficiency, retrofits to keep the elderly in their homes, and more.

To be eligible for the Salt Lake County Green & Healthy Homes Initiative Program, there are income and property eligibility requirements that must be met. Residents can apply for assistance if they are 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) or below. For a family of four, the federal income guidelines currently set the AMI at $73,750.00 or less. Households are selected based on data and the greatest need for intervention.

“Salt Lake County cares deeply about our residents, especially those who need help the most,” Mayor Jenny Wilson said. “Our staff are committed to improving each individual’s life, one home at a time.”

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