MadiSUN Solar Energy Program Helps Homeowners in Madison, Wisconsin

MadiSUN Solar Energy Program

At The Ace Apartments on Acewood Blvd. on Friday, Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway gathered representatives from several solar energy organizations to announce another $50,000.00 in grant money for the MadiSUN Solar Energy program. MadiSUN is the City of Madison’s initiative to expand solar energy for homes, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

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“Every rooftop solar installation contributes to the City of Madison’s goal of 100% renewable energy and helps reduce carbon emissions,” said Stacie Reece, the Sustainability Program Coordinator for the City of Madison.

For 2022, three programs are available to help grow solar in Madison. The MadiSUN solar group purchase program helps residents from all across the area to combine their purchasing power and receive a great deal on rooftop solar at home. The community-based team evaluates competing proposals from solar firms throughout the region and chooses a reliable partner to install the system, saving both time and money. The City of Madison and RENEW Wisconsin offer Focus on Energy incentives that are available for up to $50,000.00 and the City of Madison is contributing a limited pool of grants to further incentivize businesses to add solar power to their facilities. The MadiSUN Backyard Solar Grant encourages Madison community organizations and housing providers who serve Madison citizens to use solar energy. The MadiSUN Backyard Solar Grant program aims to offer local households and community organizations the economic and environmental benefits of clean energy.

“With 100 percent clean energy goals now in place for the City of Madison and Dane County, ensuring that all residents have access to solar energy is more important than ever. With the program’s expansion this year, we wanted to guarantee that Dane County residents had multiple options when it came to solar,” said Sam Dunaiski, Program Director for MadiSUN. “Residents in rural portions of Dane County have different needs than residents in urban or suburban areas. Homeowners will now have access to more solar contractors and the different materials and services they provide.”

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Partners in the MadiSUN project include the City of Madison, RENEW Wisconsin, Full Spectrum Solar, Dane County Office of Energy and Climate Change, and Arch Electric.

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