Emergency Rental Assistance Program Available in New Mexico

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The Emergency Rental Assistance program is still available to New Mexico households who need help paying for rent and utilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the website renthelpnm.org, as of March 19, 2022, 47,451 awards have been issued, totaling $110,104,400.00 throughout New Mexico. This assistance can be used for past unpaid, current, and future rent and utility bills or payments, and it is in the form of an award so it doesn’t need to be paid back.

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To be eligible, there are certain requirements that must be met:

  • Applicants must be a  renter in New Mexico
  • They must owe rent or utility
  • Have an annual household income that falls below the program’s income limits
  • Have been affected financially by the COVID-19 pandemic, receive unemployment benefits, or experienced a reduction in household income
  • Are at risk of experiencing homelessness or housing instability

Applicants can receive up to 15 months of assistance across all programs including rent/utility, hotel, and relocation assistance. Applicants may reapply for additional assistance at the end of the three-month period if needed and if the 15-month time limit for assistance is not exceeded. Utility assistance can be used to pay past due, current, and future utility bills. It can be also used for electricity, gas, water and sewer, trash removal, fuel oil, wood, and pellets. The program will make direct payments to the landlord and/or utility provider. If the landlord or utility provider is not able to take the payment straight from the program, the applicant will be given the funds to pay their payments.

If you are interested in applying for Doña Ana County Rental assistance, contact 575-525-5898 or email [email protected]. The grant covers rent and renters’ utility payments. This money is available for county residents including those within the municipalities of the cities of Las Cruces, Sunland Park and Anthony, the Village of Hatch, and the Town of Mesilla. Bernalillo County also provides one-time emergency rental and utility assistance to Bernalillo County households experiencing financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Bernalillo County residents who live outside of Albuquerque city limits are eligible for three months of future, upcoming rent in addition to past-due arrears. Visit the following site to fill out your application. For more information contact [email protected] or call (505) 468-1279. In any other New Mexico county or Albuquerque complete a shortened application for a streamlined application. You can also request a paper application, or call 1-833-485-1334 if you have difficulties filling out one. 

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Homeowners in New Mexico who are suffering from financial hardship as a result of the pandemic, including funds for mortgage loan reinstatement, monthly payment assistance, taxes for homeowners, and homeowners insurance, can apply for the New Mexico Homeowner Assistance Fund program. For additional information or assistance, please contact MFA Housing New Mexico at 505-308-4206 or 866-488-0498.

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