Northeast Middle School Will Use Solar Panels to Save Money on Energy.

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Lauderdale County School District officials gathered at Northeast Middle School on Monday to start installing solar panels at the school to help reduce the district’s energy costs.

Installation of the panels is part of an energy efficiency plan which the district started in 2019 with Entergrity, a sustainability and solar development company.

The comprehensive plan also includes installing LED lightning, upgrading the HVAC systems and installing a new entrance on the Clarkdale school campus.

The cost for the entire project, which is being financed over 16 years, is $14 million, including interest. The cost to install the solar panels is being covered by a $200,000 grant Gulf Coast Community Foundation.

Kevin Cheatham, the district’s director of operations and safety, said crews spent Monday placing mounts to hold the panels.

For now, power from the solar panels will be used only at Northeast Middle, where they are expected to reduce the school’s energy costs by 60 to 80 percent. The district hopes to save $31,000 a year by using the panels at Northeast Middle.


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