Rockford Realtors Extend Aid: $25K in Grants for Tornado Relief Efforts

Illinois Grants

ROCKFORD — The NorthWest Illinois Alliance of Realtors has announced a grant program providing $25,000 in financial support to assist individuals affected by the recent tornadoes and severe storms. These grants, made available through the Illinois Realtors Relief Foundation, aim to offer relief to those whose homes have been damaged in the devastating weather events. The foundation was established in 2015 with the purpose of aiding people impacted by natural disasters, having previously extended assistance after severe flooding in Freeport and a tornado that struck the Rochelle and Fairdale area.

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Ginger Sreenan, President of the Board of Directors for NorthWest, expressed empathy for the community and individuals dealing with losses and the overwhelming task of recovering from the storm’s aftermath. She emphasized the organization’s commitment to supporting the affected residents in their efforts to rebuild and overcome the challenges caused by the tornadoes.

According to the National Weather Service, at least 20 tornadoes swept through northern Illinois and northwest Indiana last Friday evening, leaving a trail of destruction. This includes Rockford, Caledonia, Poplar Grove, Machesney Park, and the area from Davis Junction to Belvidere, all impacted by EF-1 tornadoes.

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Each person awarded a grant will receive a maximum amount of $500, intended to bridge the gap left after other forms of assistance. While the grant amount may seem nominal, Neeley Erickson, Government Affairs Director for Illinois Realtors, clarified that the purpose is to assist individuals with insurance deductibles or provide additional support to ensure safe and secure living conditions in their homes.

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Applications for the grant funding can be submitted online from now until July 1. The NorthWest Realtors group has also mentioned the possibility of increasing the initial $25,000 fund if the need arises, taking into account previous instances where initial allocations were expanded. For instance, after the floods in Freeport, the group initially set aside $10,000 but ultimately distributed around $40,000 to assist affected individuals.

Conor Brown, CEO of NorthWest Illinois Alliance of Realtors, emphasized that Realtors are not only professionals but also neighbors who have directly experienced the impact of the tornadoes on their communities.

To apply for disaster relief assistance, individuals can access the online application here. For those who need assistance with the application process, a helpline is available at 815-395-6776.

The NorthWest Illinois Alliance of Realtors aims to provide immediate support to individuals affected by the tornadoes, offering a helping hand during these challenging times. By offering these grants, the organization strives to aid in the recovery and rebuilding process, demonstrating their commitment to the well-being of the community they serve.

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