Claiborne Receives $750,000 in Home Grants

Big news for Claiborne County — they just received $750,000 in home grant funds. This financial aid will go a long way in refurbishing and renovating the homes of disabled and elderly persons. For context, this fund is geared towards the rebuilding of nine single-family structures around the County. The home grant fund is indeed Godsent and will help those who can’t afford home renovations due to financial constraints get the job done without hassles. 

If you are having a hard time keeping up with your credit card debts, then you should consider a program like this. Millions of people have taken advantage of these programs and have had massive success in getting themselves out from under debt.

If you are seriously looking to do home improvements, you should take a look at these different programs.

The $750,000 financial aid is from the Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA). In a recent interview, executive director of the THDA, Ralph M. Perry said that decent and secure housing is important in Tennessee and with the HOME funds granted to Claiborne County, the government has given citizens unfettered access to these aspects. 

The Claiborne Mayor, Joe Brooks, reiterated the fact that the grant will be available to residents in need. According to him, the grant was important as it gave Claiborne County residents who couldn’t renovate their homes the chance to do so seamlessly. He also added that the County was delighted and excited for the grant and looked forward to distributing it to those who require it the most. 

The HOME grants from the Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) is set to be administered to those in need by the Tennessee Community Assistance Corporation (TCAC).

The TCAC in conjunction with the county government are set to hold meetings during October. These deliberations will focus on online applications processes and grant receipt. After applications are forwarded, the formation of a priority list begins. This listing will be based on the rehabilitation requirements of the individual alongside other “socioeconomic” prerequisites. 

The THDA is currently issuing home repair funding to those in need. Call the hotline — (615) 815 – 2030 — for more INFORMATION!

Note that homes that can’t reach code requirements (even after refurbishments) won’t make it to the priority listing. Also, if a home’s renovation costs are valued at 75% of the entire property, funds will be diverted for reconstruction. 

To know more about the program and what you’d need to do to attain eligibility, call this line — 423-586-7636. Once you’ve gotten through, request for a conversation with Shannon. Alternatively, you can visit the TCAC official website — — for more information. 

The HOME initiative is sponsored by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. It’s administered partly by the Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) to elderly and needy individuals across Tennessee.

The HOME fund is geared towards the rehabilitation, production, or reservation of affordable housing to elderly and low-income earners and families. 

THDA Foreclosure Prevention

Foreclosure on your home can be scary. The structure housing your greatest memories being taken away from in a moment isn’t something you want. 

However, the Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) has a solution in the mix. To receive this funding, the first thing you’d need to do is contact your loan servicer if you think it’ll be difficult to fulfill subsequent home payments. 

For more information on how your home can be saved from the claws of foreclosure, engage these channels:

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6 months ago

We have applied for this but haven’t heard back yet there super busy and it takes time. I just wish I know something soon this is a blessing I’m so thankful for it the kellers Lloyd and wanda