Washington Commerce Department Allocates Grants for Solar Energy

Washington State

The Washington State Department of Commerce Energy Retrofits for Public Buildings program provides grants worth $3.5 million. These funds will be used for solar panel installation in community buildings (public buildings and facilities such as schools, hospitals, community centers, and wastewater treatment plants) across the state 29 projects will provide over 2.2 megawatts of solar and will produce more than 3 million kWh annually—enough to power about 280 homes. According to their official site, the awarded projects include three by Tribal governments and five projects in small communities with populations under 5,000. These grants will fund distributed clean energy for schools, affordable housing, and critical public facilities in Washington’s communities. They will prioritize projects with lower costs and higher savings, as well as matching funds provided by applicants and new grant users. 

For more information on this solar program and more, visit our partners here.

“Supporting solar projects in public buildings is one of the many ways Washington state is leading by example as we work toward meeting our goal of 100% clean electricity by 2050,” said director of the Washington State Department of Commerce Lisa Brown. “These grants prioritized projects in rural and tribal communities, to ensure all state residents benefit from a cleaner more efficient electric grid.”

Local allocations include:

  • $175,000 for College Place to install 100kW solar. 
  • $188,633 for Connell Well #8 to install 99.9kW. 
  • $277,706 for Mabton to install 99.9kW. 
  • $251,990 for Prescott School District to install 99.9kW.

For more information on this solar program and more, visit our partners here.

”With this grant from the Department of Commerce, Connell can reduce the costs of providing city services while reducing environmental impact and supporting clean energy jobs. We are thrilled to accept this grant and excited to demonstrate clean energy in our community,” said Connell Mayor Lee Barrow.

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